Use it Wisely, Grasshopper!

As I reread my posts, I see that I clearly am concerned with technology for technology’s sake. Indeed, we are heading in a direction blindly at times to a destination that we do not know. Because almost everyone likes their technology, there is a mood to embrace this direction. I resist this because we are losing something. We know through this recent study that digital relationships do not always have the depth that “analog” ones do. In this “information age,” it is ironic that it is often difficult to get reliable information. And there is the reality that technology has not done much to close the economic gap in our society and others. None of these are reasons to despair or forego technology. Nor are they the whole picture. Technology can and does bring people together. It can bring information to our fingertips. It has allowed people to change their lives for the better—economically and otherwise. We all know this anecdotally; but we also know when we are misusing or abusing technology—anecdotally.


Cartoon by Harley Schwadron

Hence, one of the things that coalesce for me is that our LLC provides a place for teachers and students to come together. Of course, this is an obvious statement; but I think it is important to think about why we come together. Often, we meet classes at the request and booking of a teacher. We have met with the teacher and worked through our plan for co-teaching the trajectory of an assignment.

However, the new curriculum offers the opportunities and room to explore new lessons and assignments, or reinvent existing ones. In our role in the LLC, we can help teachers develop or revise assignments with technology in mind or with goals from the new curriculum in mind—preferably both! I see our role as those co-teachers and colleagues that can help students be good digital citizens, mine online information reliably and use technology to make themselves better. These ideas all dance around many of the core competencies in the new curriculum. And they do so in a way that is important, but not overtly stated in any of the ministry documentation. Hence, I see that the LLC can enable teachers to embrace the change that is imminent and make it undeniably relevant to students, teachers and schools.

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2 thoughts on “Use it Wisely, Grasshopper!

  1. An important and interesting discussion about balance and the need to refocus on the basics, while building for the future. Some insightful articles referenced here about creating the balance and supporting the needs of our in person communities. A paragraph or two discussing and highlighting the specific inquiry topics from the last inquiry phase you resonated with would have been useful for this reflection post.


  2. I agree with your comment that the “LLC can embrace the change that is imminent.” In my experience, many classroom teachers do not understand the role of the library and what a T-L is able to accomplish. It is important for classroom teachers to collaborate with their T-L, especially when it comes to research and inquiry projects. Tech is useful but should be used in a meaningful manner.


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