A Whole School, Whole Student, Project

As I said in my previous post, there is a need for media literacy growing out of a revision of our school code of conduct and student council believing that media literacy is a growing need in our school—and according to them, for teens in general. (Of course, I would add that there are plenty of adults need to be better at media literacy as well.) So, speaking to colleagues and administration has reinforced the idea that the school could use some ideas about how to facilitate learning about digital citizenship, online ethics and appropriate behaviour on social media.

This is for teachers, counsellors and my colleague in the LLC and me. I will be putting it on the shared drive at our school, but I imagine working a bit or a lot with whomever would like to use it.

Right now, with the new curriculum, some things are up in the air. Counsellors are supposedly moving away from guidance; hence, teachers, administrators and counsellors are wondering how to fit in some of the ideas previously taught in guidance. Furthermore, the parts of guidance that did address this, according to the counsellors at my school, need updating.

Of course, the reason to teach these things now is apparent. We are a better society when people behave better, more civilly. There is a recognition in society that we need to improve this and that schools have a role to play. We have always modelled and taught morality in every aspect of school—in class, in lessons, in halls. And we know why we do it: it makes for better citizens.

But we have a long way to go to translate all of those ethics into online behaviour and help make that side of our lives—a constantly growing side of our lives—better.


Calvin and Hobbes by Sam Watterson

Polgar, David. “Increasing Civility Online.” fosi.org https://www.fosi.org/good-digital-parenting/increasing-civility-online/


One thought on “A Whole School, Whole Student, Project

  1. A good discussion of the “why” you are building your digital artifact, and who it is ideally for. Our roles in schools are definitely evolving and we need to ensure there are no gaps in our student’s education. Especially around information literacy, and ethics of how to behave online, as well as how to evaluate our news sources. A topical and important issue that I hope more T-Ls get on board with. As we approach the end of the course you are catching up to the rest of the class.


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